Del Vasto

Produced from Nebbiolo grapes, this splendid Piedmont’s red wine, noble and generous, defined as "the king of wines and the wine of kings", is one of the feathers in Italian oenology's cap.
Even way back in the Middle Ages it gained the fame of being a regal wine, adorning the tables of kings, popes and a great many nobles.
A wine for the most important occasions, it fascinates and conquers the palate by its force and the fullness of its body, maintaining a pleasantly warm sensation over a long period. Il Vasto is our selection of this wine; from the Boschetti hill in Barolo, exceptional “cru” in the entire area given over to Nebbiolo da Barolo.
An excellent wine for roasts and game.

Technical data
Species of wine: 100 % Nebbiolo 
Vine-training system: Guyot 
Fermentation: Very slow at a controlled temperature
Alcoholic content: 13,5% (vol.) and above
Organoleptic data
Colour: pomegranate-red colour with orange reflections.
Bouquet: a characteristic, pleasant, ethereal and intense.
Taste:  robust and austere but, at the same time, velvety and harmonious.
Best serving temperature: 20°C. Uncork the bottle a couple of hours before serving the wine.