Moferrato Rosso

It is born from a blend of strictly autochthonous Piemontese grapes: Barbera (1/3), estate-grown Grignolino (1/3), and Malvasia (1/3) from one of the Asti territory’s most prized areas.
Harvesting is carried out manually, with tremendous difficulty but, above all, with the utmost selectivity; fermentation is unique, the three varieties together, so as to unite and amalgamate from the start the various, different and singular features that each type of vine possesses into a single whole.  Fermentation takes place in stainless-steel temperature-controlled vats with maceration on the skins for 10 days; after being drawn off, the wines are left in steel for about 6 months, after which they undergo malolactic fermentation, bottling and are then marketed. 2007 is the first vintage to have been produced.  Excellent with starters, first courses with vegetable sauces, white meat, savoury fish, and fish soups

Technical data
Species of wine: Barbera 1/3, Grignolino 1/3, Malvasia 1/3
Vine-training system: Guyot 
Alcoholic content: 13% (vol.)
Organoleptic data
Colour: ruby red with slight violet notes and changing reflections
Bouquet: wide-ranging and fragrant, enticing thanks to the intensity of its aroma, rich in ethereal notes
Taste: the whole made up of notes that bring together acidulous freshness, smoothness and tastiness to form a single, embracing and “special” taste.
Best serving temperature: 14°C.
Always to be drunk cool