La Mandorla
Moscato d'Asti

The cultivation of the Moscato wine in the Asti area dates back to ancient times. In the year 1200 its name appeared in the "Statutes" of the commune of Canelli. This wine is characterised by its class and its spontaneous liveliness, its secret lies in keeping the grapes' original flavour intact and fragrant. Said qualities, which make this wine the only one of its kind in the world, are heightened by means of an extremely slow fermentation at a controlled temperature.
An outstanding wine with desserts, it is splendid on any and all occasions.

Technical data
Species of wine: 100 % Moscato of Asti
Vine-training system: Guyot 
Vinification: without skins, very slow, at a controlled temperature with particular doses and choices of yeasts.
Alcoholic content:developed 5.5%; overall 12% (vol.)
Organoleptic data
Colour: More or less intense straw-yellow or golden-yellow colour.
Bouquet: delicate but intense, fragrant, typical of moscato grapes.
Taste: sweet and full-bodied but extremely velvety, aromatic and characteristic.
Best serving temperature: 8 - 10°C.